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Insulation Matting (ASTM-D-178)

Vardhman Specially Compounded ASTM D-178 rubber dielectric matting is designed to protect from electrical shock when working around the areas of possible Electrical shock. The formulated rubber compound posses high electrical insulating properties which protect personnel against electrical shocks due to earth faults.

We at vardhman, adopt latest technology combined with our experience of more then 20 years to ensure the quality and reliability of the matting before delivering to the customer. The mats are manufactured on Rotocure lines (German Technology) and later passes through Electrode Testing Apparatus to ensure the compliance of every runningmeter of mat.

Applications: - Electrical Matting shall be used in all locations where the area is prone to Electrical shock. Some Common application areas are like in front of Switch boards, Transformers, Lift rooms, Fuse boxes, Machine Panels or any live equipment area etc... The mats are flexible and also used as portable mats which can be used on sites of live working in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Features And Advantages
1.Full compliance to specification ASTM D -178.
2.Fully Traceable Supply.
3.Provides safety for operators against electrical shock.
4.High Electrical Resistance Up to 50 KV/50000 volts.
5.Suitable for both AC and DC Applications.
6.Health and safety regulation Halogen Free flame retardant material.
7.Highly Flexible mats with self-gripping design on floor, no need of fixing/pasting.
8.Anti-Fatigue type. Comfortable while standing for long period.
9.Permanent Marking-Durable and un-erasable done while curing of mats at maximum 1000mm.
10.Low Maintenance. 11.No Recycled Rubber.