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Insulating Rubber Mat

Vardhman is insulating rubber mat manufacturer for electrical purpose in India. We are certified of insulating rubber mats as per Indian Standard of certification of insulating rubber mat for electrical purpose IS 15652. Our objective is providing quality stander of Insulating rubber mat for electrical purpose and takes care of technology advancement. Vardhman insulating rubber mats specially design for used in front high voltage equipment and switching boards. Insulating rubber mat designed to protect for high voltage shocks and used as personal care equipments. Vardhman insulating rubber mats are manufacturer of insulating rubber mat for different application. Our Insulating rubber mat for electrical purpose is applicable up to 33KV as per Indian standard of specification of insulating rubber matting.

We offer IS 15652, IEC 61111, 1000V, 650V, 450V Electrical safety insulating rubber mat in India. Our Insulating rubber Mat for Electrical Purpose is available in different length and width for safety in India. High Voltage Insulating rubber Matting is use in high voltage area such as electric board equipments and machinery, high voltage switch board and shock. Insulating rubber Mat Manufacturer knew insulating rubber matting as a specific name "dielectric Carpets". Rubber insulating rubber mats use to protect people and parts of electrical equipments used in switchboards, transformers and other high voltage workplaces.

Vardhman is leading exporters, manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers of rubber insulating rubber mats worldwide. Our insulating rubber mat for electrical purpose pant is located in Bhiwadi Rajasthan India. Insulating rubber Mat placed around control panels for caring high voltage or low voltage carrying instruments such as control panels, switchboards, electrical instruments and transformers. Insulating rubber mat made from elastomeric and personal protective equipments elements are mandatory for protection of electrician against leakage of current. We have insulating rubber mat IS 15652 and IEC 61111 standards.

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