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Electrical Insulating rubber mats from Vardhman Hoses

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Vardhman Electrical Rubber Mat is a key manufacturer and suppliers of insulating mats. Vardhman insulating matting, also known as di electric carpets provides safety to people working close to the areas where chances of electric shock are high. Insulating Rubber mats acts as safeguard equipment, which might happen mostly due to current leakage or short circuit. The technology used in the manufacturing of these rubber insulating mats is the most advanced technology.

Electrical Insulating mats has applications both indoors and outdoors, basically wherever electrical panel is present, and mainly electrical insulating mats are placed in front and rear side of electrical panels, switchgears, transformers and other high voltage workplaces to provide the high safety environment for the workplace. Vardhman provides high voltage insulating mat for electrical purpose which are portable as well, insulating matting can be placed wherever site engineers are working.

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Insulating mats for electrical purpose is fully tested to specification IEC 61111. The state of art line makes the quality and finish of these insulting matting is unmatchable in the whole industry.

Insulating matting from Vardhman provides safety for both AC and DC applications, and these rubber insulating mats are compliant to health and safety regulation.

Insulating mats are specifically designed for areas which are high prone to electrical shocks; this insulating matting which is primarily made of rubber has di- electric properties which inhibit the flow of electric charge, thus making it the ideal insulator. Being one of the top Electrical Insulating Mats Manufacturers, Vardhman is sure of the quality provided as insulating matting like every other product manufactured at Vardhman adopts the most advanced machinery and technology to produce these rubber insulating mats.

Insulating mats are manufactured is closely supervised by a fully trained team of engineers, and every workman present makes sure the quality we provide to our customers is best and fully tested according to the specifications.

Vardhman electrical matting have high demand in the market and because of the quality we provide to our customers, we have experienced repeat orders and the clientele is permanent, high voltage electrical matting has huge application around the industries , both locally and internationally, from private industries to PSUs.

Insulating mats designed by Vardhman is resistant to acid, oil and low temperature test. These high voltage mats are also ozone, UV and weather resistant, the finish of these high voltages insulating mat is anti-slip and also tested to slip resist test. The mats are low maintenance and we make sure that no recycled rubber is used. Insulating mats are available in different width, length, thickness (as per specified class), and different colors.

Perfect Solution For Electrical Insulation

Vardhman® insulating switch board matting is considered as a Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), it is specially designed for use in front of open switchboards or high voltage equipment. The mats are very important in Power Generation, transmission and distribution sectors to prevent against electrical shock.

Vardhman is manufacturer & suppliers of electrical rubber mat in India last many decade like as Insulating Electrical Mats 1S 15652 2006, IES/BS EN 61111:2009, IS: 5254, ASTM-D-178, BS-921 and AS-NZS-2978:1995. Vardhman with experience of more than 22 years provides most reliable and robust products to their customers, for any queries / detailed catalogue related to electrical matting across the industries Vardhman hoses can be contacted on

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